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History of company

History of company

The plants Karavassilis company started in 1955 when Bill Karavassilis built a small greenhouse on the street Monastiriou next to his residence and worked on the production of ornamental plants. Apprehensive and enterprising the owner has followed a path of continuous growth in greenhouse installations.

In 1985 the company changes its headquarters and now relocated to the Lachanagoras Thessaloniki. There , in a private area of 5,000 sq.m. made greenhouse 3,700 sq.m. Then from a small grower Bill Karavassilis, having all these years the undivided assistance of his wife Tasia, succeeds to become very strong in the field of ornamental plants and to acquire a satisfactory market share in the wholesale sector in Northern Greece.

In 1994 the new company Michael Karavassili was created.The combination of the experience of the previous generation with innovation and modern enterprise of new generation, created a highly fertile ground to follow immediately after a truly remarkable journey.

The scientific knowledge of the new owner and the knowledge on the business world, perfectly combined with a series of investments and actually the company failed within a few years to surpass the limits of Northern Greece and conquer one of the highest positions in the production and wholesale sale of ornamental plants not only in Greece but also in neighboring countries.