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The Company today

The Company today

The company currently has principally engaged in the production and sale of plants while also active in power generation to meet its needs.

Managed by Michael Karavassili and is headquartered in Thessaloniki Lachanagoras region.

At our company headquarters occupies the trunk of its activities, in a place where there are greenhouse plant production facilities, photovoltaic park, logistic center, the cash and carry segment of the sale of plants and offices of the company.

In the production the company owns 15.000 sq.m. of greenhouses, well equipped with highest technological support ensuring production of high quality plants .In addition has established standing partnerships together for the production of plants with producers in Greece and abroad producers. This way has secured huge variety of plants, excellent quality and highly competitive prices.

In the field of sales the company had really rapid growth in recent years, having manufactured high quality products at highly competitive prices, thus achieving to occupy a leading position in the market in our country, making sales both in Greece and abroad . Customers are wholesalers plants, garden centers, florists, retailers, hotels, etc ..

The general characteristics of the company, is the excellent professionalism, great variety of products, excellent quality and very low prices.

The orientation of the company both in establishing long lasting partnerships with many other producers ,in other extroversion in sales, led the company to succeed in one of the best and largest companies in its sector in Greece.