• The beginning

    The history of the ‘Karavassilis Plants’ company began in 1955, when Vassilis Karavassilis built a small greenhouse on Monastiriou Street beside his house to produce ornamental plants. A restless, bold and intensely entrepreneurial spirit, Vassilis kept expanding his greenhouse facilities.

  • Relocation

    In 1985, the company relocated its seat to the Lachanagora (Vegetable Market) quarter of Thessaloniki, where a 3,700-m2 greenhouse was erected on a 5,000- m2 privately owned site. As a result, and with the unconditional support of his wife, Tassia, over the years, Vassilis managed to become a major player in the ornamental plant industry and gain a satisfactory share in the Northern Greek wholesale market.

  • A new company established

    In 1994, the new company of Michalis Karavassilis was founded. The experience of the previous generation, combined with the innovativeness and modern entrepreneurship of the new generation, created the ideal conditions for the remarkable growth that ensued.

  • The present

    The scientific knowledge of the new owner and his business know-how were combined through a number of investments, leading the company beyond the boundaries of Northern Greece in just a few short years to become a leader in the field of producing and wholesaling ornamental plants not just in Greece but in neighbouring countries as well.