At present, the company is mainly active in the production and sale of plants, while it also engages in the generation of electricity to meet its needs.

The company is managed by Michalis Karavassilis and it is seated in the Lachanagora quarter of Thessaloniki.

The seat of the enterprise houses the majority of its activities, with greenhouse facilities for plant production, a photovoltaic part, a logistics centre, the cash and carry department of plant sales, as well as the enterprise’s offices.

In terms of production, the company owns 15 stremmas (1.5 hectares) of greenhouse facilities, fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which ensures the production of top-quality plants. Furthermore, the company has concluded long-standing partnerships for plant production with producers in Greece and abroad. This guarantees its tremendous variety of plants, exceptional quality and particularly competitive prices.

In terms of sales, that company has enjoyed exponential growth in recent years by selling high-quality processed products at particularly competitive prices, making it a leader in its field in Greece, with a large number of domestic and international sales. Its clientele includes plant wholesalers, garden centres, florists, retailers, hotels, etc.

The general characteristics of the enterprise are its professional attitude, a wide range of products, exceptional quality and very low prices.

The company is looking to conclude on-going partnerships with many other producers and broadening its sales horizon; this has made it one of the best and largest companies in its sector in Greece.